About Us

C & L  is becoming one of the most established enquiry agencies within the UK. Our management can draw on over 100 years of combined experience in the investigation field. We supply a diverse range of services to the legal profession, insurance industry, finance sector and commerce in general.

With our head offices in Southwest London and Satellite offices in Surrey Kent and East Sussex along with an established network of field investigators in the UK and, researchers throughout the world we are able to successfully investigate matters on a truly global scale.

Our operations and services are conducted across unrestricted national and international territories with a proven success to an impeccable blue chip client base. We can provide you with a range of professional services tailored to your specific needs.

The broad sphere in which we operate has enabled us to create professional services in which businesses or individuals will be able to easily identify their specific requirements.

Our investigators are well versed in all aspects of civil and criminal law including contract, tort and always undertake investigations in a discreet and efficient manner using only the most professional methods all enquiries comply with government legislation in addition our investigators have a good understanding of the Civil Procedure Rules.

C & L has become a forerunner in the field of investigations by creating new concepts and constantly introducing new technology. We do however, continue to maintain old fashion concepts of reliability, honesty and integrity.

The methodology of our investigators is under constant assessment to ensure that the investigations that we carry out for our clients are conducted in the most thorough and cost-effective professional manner possible.

At C & L we completely respect and understand the need for confidentiality and sensitivity and can guarantee you both.
With this in mind, we can offer you a complete investigative package tailored to your requirements