Commercial and Corporate Services and Matters

1. Insurance Claim & Litigation Support Full UK Coverage

2. Tracing ( Beneficiaries Debtors Absconders Defence Witnesses Respondents )

3. IT Investigations ( Data Recovery ) Computers & Devices

4. Due Diligence ( Individuals and Companies )

5. Locus reports ( RTA )

6. Insurance fraud ( Contrived accidents and bogus claims )

7. Bona fides (Staff Vetting )

8. Personal Injury and sickness claims (Insurance and Fraud)

9. Conflict of interest (Corporate Espionage and Conflict of Interests)

10. Process serving from high court to county court (Full UK coverage and understanding of the civil procedure rules and pre action protocols )

11. Solicitors agents and criminal investigations ( Scene reconstruction and Defence Experts both Civil and Criminal )

12. Background and status reports (Staff Vetting and Bona Fides)

13. Financial irregularities

14. Theft Investigations

Our rates are some of the most competitive within the industry for further details on costings on any of the above services please contact our office.

Please note access to certain data can only be obtained providing you have court orders or that certain legal compliance is met.